Tai-Sifu Mark Horton

Chief Instructor of the Hong Ying Association is  洪英老师 Mark Horton (HONG YING) He is a direct student of reknowned teacher, Grandmaster DOC FAI WONG.黄  德  輝



Mark began his martial arts training in 1969 age 8 in Malaysia where he grew up.
He has been an active competitor in Fighting & Forms from the age of 11 and still competes at World level in 2015. In march of  2014 he won a record 7 Gold Medals at the 12th Hong Kong International Wushu Championships..


The first Hong Ying School was opened in 1982 in Chester, England when Mark was 22 years old. In the years since he has taught literally thousands of students,many to go on and become Champions & great Instructors in their own right.
Since 1995 the Hong Ying Association has extended beyond the UK and now has schools in numerous countries, all run by direct students of Mark Horton. 



Even though he has been training for over 40 years, Sifu Mark continues to learn as much as possible. He still trains and teaches 6 days per week.

In the beginning of 2010, the Hong Ying Association team, who are taught and coached directly by Sifu Mark, won four major International Championships in Europe and  placed 4th in the Worlds' largest Kung Fu competition in Hong Kong !

In March 2011, Tai-Sifu Mark Horton led a select team from Holland to compete once again at the worlds' largest championships in Hong Kong. The team did very well and came home with 13 medals ! Mark won 4 of those himself and, together with his top students, went on through the year to win more international events.

Also in 2011, Mark was one of the teachers in Holland involved in organising and co-ordinating the 100 Lions on the Dam Parade, which set a European record for Lion Dancing.


Many more Team successes and medals followed in 2012,2013 and 2014 with events in Europe, China, Hong Kong and the USA.


Travelling constantly and teaching in many countries Hong Ying Sifu remains very active , constantly expanding the network of good friendships and further developing the Hong Ying International Association schools around the world and passing on the teachings he has received from his own teacher.

In 2016 Mark was inducted into the EUROPEAN MARTIAL ARTS HALL of FAME and in 2017 he went on to set a new World Record by becoming the first athlete in history to win 8 Gold Medals at one World Championship (March 2017 in Ma On Shan, China)

This achievement also won him the title of "Sportsman of the Year" in the city of Leiden (Holland), where the Hong Ying Association headquarters school is based.