Within Hong Ying International Association we are proud and lucky to have a very strong Instructor Corps, who have all been students of Tai-Sifu Mark Horton for many years. This means that our organization has a very strong pyramid structure which will

carry the Hong Ying legacy far into the future.



Tai-Sifu Mark Horton (Hong Ying) 洪英老师


MASTER INSTRUCTORS (3rd Degree or higher)

Sifu Leo Alderman (England)

Sifu Victor Melendro (Spain)

Sifu Harm Poelman (Holland)


SIFU LEVEL INSTRUCTORS (1st and 2nd Degree)

Sifu Chi Kin Tang (Holland)

Sifu Adrian Kearns (Ireland)

Sifu Lucas van Scheppingen (USA)

Sifu Sue Meads (England)



Dai Si-Hing Lammert Jan Slijper (Holland)

Dai-Si-Jair Boukje Bruinsma (Japan)

Dai Si-Hing Bas van Oosterom (Holland)

Dai Si-Hing Simon Hutchings (England)

Dai Si-Hing Frans van Meurs  (Holland)


Si-Hing Bart Hoving (Holland)

Si-Jair Vuong Nguyen (Italy)

Si-Hing Koen van Westbroek (Holland)

Si-Hing Andrew Ellis (England)

Si-Hing Michael Ellis (England)

Si-Hing Joost van Driel (Holland)

Si-Hing Ivo van Ee (Holland)

Si-Jair Maaike de Werk (Holland)

Si-Hing Robbie Tjoeng (Holland)

Si-Hing Joshua Rijsdijk (Holland)

Si-Hing Sep-Perry van Geen (Holland)

Si-Hing Tyler Snoek (Holland)



Through our active "Black Sash Club" programme we are always

developing new generations of high level instructors.