At Hong Ying Training Centres we practice 5 different "combative" systems:


1. BOXING (Olympic style standard)

Although we are essentially a Chinese Martial Arts organization, our Tai-Sifu first pulled on a pair of Boxing gloves at the age of 6 (even before he started Kung Fu at age 7) and has always been a prolific Boxer. We therefore run a full Boxing programme for Adults and Juniors in most of our Centres, and have a number of fighters who regularly box in National and International Tournaments. As Tai-Sifu says: "All unarmed fighting between 2 or more humans usually begins with stand up Boxing".

2. SAN-DA (Traditional Chinese Kickboxing)

Dating back to 1200 years ago in the Shaolin Temple, SAN-DA combines the skills of boxing, kicking and throwing and is a very complete fighting system which is designed to develop a fighters' versatility. SAN-DA is fought under full contact rules and is traditionally fought on a raised platform or LEI TAI. More advanced fighters also have the ability to add groundwork and extend to full DA LO DOY or Free Fight.


3. TUEI SHOU  (Pushing Hands)

Push Hands as it is commonly called, is a combat of balance, energy and strong rooting. It involves trying to redirect an opponents force in order to displace his attack and neutralize his power. Push Hands can also be vital in helping San-Da fighters or Boxers to control "the clinch" in a fight.


4. WEAPON SPARRING (Foam covered double short sticks)

With technique taken from classical Kung Fu weapons like Double Broadsword, weapon sparring combat is very fast and furious, with combatants trying to avoid the strikes of the opponent whilst trying to score points on the accepted target areas. This combat system really develops speed, agility and hand to eye co-ordination.


5. CLASSICAL APPLICATION (Fighting with pure Kung Fu or Tai Chi technique)

Wearing no gloves or other protection this last, but perhaps most vital, Combat system involves practical useage of the traditional movements and techniques with an aim towards being able to utilize these at speed in a 'real life' defence situation. At a lower level students are taught ever more complex routines for developing this skill and at a high level ,our Association Instructors are expected to be able to perform these traditional skills in a high pace "freestyle" manner.


Master Instructors within Hong Ying International Association are experts in all of the above Combat systems.